Questions to Guide You

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Study Abroad Location
Before you decide on where you would like to go for your study abroad experience, or what program you may want to enroll in, here are a few questions you may want to consider.

  1. What are you most interested in gaining from your study abroad experience?
  2. What accommodations will you need and are they available in the host country?
  3. What housing options will be available? Will any of these options work for you and your disability?
  4. What public transportation is available in the region/city/town you will be in?
  5. How would you like to spend any downtime/what activities would you want to participate in while abroad?
  6. Are you interested in going somewhere where you speak the local language or will you be learning a local language? How will this impact your experience?
  7. Are there any communities (religious, social, cultural, etc) you will want to connect with?
  8. What services are available to locals with disabilities? Are these same services available to foreigners? ?
  9. Are there any educational requirements you must complete as part of your abroad experience?
  10. Are you interested/required to volunteer or intern abroad?

Questions to Consider When You’ve Chosen a Study Abroad Location 
You’ve chosen where you want to go, great! Here are some questions to guide your preparation for this adventure.

  1. Will you be traveling to your destination alone? If it is your first time traveling alone, try to think of any type of assistance you will need on your journey.
  2. Where will you be staying and can you connect with anyone there before you arrive?
  3. What do you know about disability culture/understanding in the country you are going to?
  4. Have the local administrators/program staff worked with someone with a disability before? Can you connect with them virtually beforehand?
  5. Do you know anyone who may be able to connect you with someone who shares the same or a similar disability?
  6. What places/areas will you want to visit when you’re there?
  7. Will you need any specific documentation to verify your disability in order to access disability services?
  8. Are there disability anti -discrimination laws? If yes, how are they enforced?
  9. Will you want to visit other cities/countries in the region?
  10. Will you need a personal care attendant to accompany you during the duration or part of your trip?
  11. What is the social scene like? What do locals do for fun?

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