Welcome to Thinking Disability Overseas!!

My name is Emely Recinos and I’m here to talk to you about studying abroad as a person with a disability. I remember when I first learned about a study abroad opportunity at one of the universities I toured my senior year of high school, it seemed like such a cool opportunity but something that I would most likely not part-take in. It wasn’t for a lack of interest or desire but simply because I didn’t know of anyone blind or visually impaired who had studied abroad. I just figured it didn’t and couldn’t happen. 

This is why as part of my project for the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange (NCDE) “Access to Exchange” Externship, I have decided to create this series of blog posts that I can share in hopes of encouraging, enlightening, or just educating people on how and why people with disabilities should consider and participate in international study experiences. I also find that sometimes it can be hard to find resources and accounts from others who have studied abroad, and hopefully this can provide a source of information for some of those questions or doubts you may be having.

To give you a little background about my study abroad experience, I spent a semester in Argentina during my third year of undergraduate studies at New York University. As an international relations major, I was required to complete a semester abroad in my region of interest, Latin America. Given that NYU has an academic site in Buenos Aires Argentina, I found it fitting to apply to do my time abroad there. This would be my first time living in an unfamiliar country and I  had no idea what to expect. Thus my hope is that I am able to help inform those of you thinking about going abroad as a person with a disability so let’s get started!

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